packaging tape

The older tapes are obsolete these days. There are plenty of reasons behind this. The adhesives that were used in the earlier packaging systems were sometimes easily ruptured, and hence the duplicated selling of products was on the rise. This kind of service indicates an apparent loss on the side of the company as well as the customers. So, in order to curb such malicious practices, there came a need for a better packaging system that would pack up the materials with utmost care and security.


The printed packaging tapes are a great one to be used in a variety of packaging systems. However, the equities of the printed tapes vary according to the purpose they are required to fulfill. There are some tapes which are entirely designed to accomplish different aspects:

The printed packaging tapes

This is a useful tool in marketing. This tape is not just used to beautify the product instead also to advertise the product. The printed tape brings the advertising using the business logo, information regarding the product and even other tips that shall build a better impression in the mind of the customer. They are also sometimes used for security

Security in the form of tamper-proof

These tapes are an excellent safety because if they are tried to be ruptured from the surface of the product, they prove to be an indication of the tampering. They are also water resistant to save the product from being tampered by rain or any other means of water.

Tapes in a carton

Once pasted on the surface, these tapes are impossible to be pulled out from the surface. Any surface that gives a resemblance of nonalignment is the proof that the package had been opened.

Warning messages on tapes

Some tapes are extraordinarily printed with a warning message. These tapes always bear a special meaning with itself. It indicates that the package must be opened securely and how the product inside may be a harmful one. With such tapes, there is never a need of supplying additives about the toxicity of tee product. Some of the standard warning messages are like: “do not open”, “sealed for protection”.


No matter which online site or a retailer is selling a product, there is always a requirement of enabling the information about the shipping packages with the product which will also include the label f the shipping. There are however three heads under this category:

  • Printing on the regular paper
  • Printing on the labels that contain adhesive
  • Printing on the labels by a thermal printer.

All the three are unique in the patterns of their packaging; however, the decision of selecting the correct one is based upon the frequency of printing the shipping labels. Another factor that determines the choice is whether the company wants to publish for the goods of everyday use or only for the specialty label rolls.


The market of the printed tape selling companies is on the rise because of the safety they provide to the products. The old ones are too tough for their reliability and do not bear a point of usage in the current generation. So, more & more companies are increasing the use of such tapes.